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Voice Lesson Information
Elizabeth Lavenue headshot“I love to sing! It connects me deeply to my heart and pulls me powerfully into the present moment. It is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey that challenges and uplifts me everyday.”
Voice students include:
LGBTQ friendly singers who want to find a safe space to explore their voice.
Non-singers/speaking voice who are looking for vocal rehabilitation for most vocal function issues (will give referrals as needed), and professionals who want to have a more dynamic voice in the workplace.
Shower singers who want to learn the basics of good vocal technique to improve their shower singing or the next karaoke night out!
Choral/Band singers who desire to improve technique and sight-reading abilities, sing artistically and gain a deeper connection to the music they are performing.
Singer/Actor/Dancers who need to prepare for the next audition or performance, and learn how to stay in peak performance shape.
Recording artists/Professional singers who seek to continue to refine their performances by polishing the details, both technically and artistically.
Children, youth, and adults from age 8 through adulthood.

Here are some benefits of private training with Elizabeth:

  • Feel more confident about your voice through strengthening your vocal technique
  • Clearly communicate the message of your songs
  • Learn songs faster by improving your sight-reading abilities
  • Work toward your goals with a teacher who brings her sense of humor and love of music to every session
  • Access to her studio conveniently located close to downtown Portland
Teaching philosophy: Blending each of these four dynamics, Elizabeth helps students find their own unique vocal expression.
Physical - Students will learn a system of vocal exercises (the Thomas Blaylock method) that will increase range, endurance, and strength, build an even color line through the voice, and improve breath control.
Mental - Through working with exercises and songs, students change their understanding of what is vocally possible. Old vocal patterns start to shift, allowing for new creativity to emerge.
Emotional - Singing can stir up old emotional patterns, and with Elizabeth’s guidance, you will look at them with compassion. Students find more freedom to be present to the music, recognizing judgments without being stuck in them. Then singing can be done “with emotion” as an actor), but not “emotionally”.
Spiritual - Singing with your physical/mental/emotional self in alignment can bring you more fully into the present moment and open your heart.
Please contact Elizabeth to schedule a session, ask further questions, or purchase a gift certificate.
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