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Testimonials about Elizabeth
Elizabeth Lavenue
Music Note Talking BubbleYouths
“Working with Elizabeth has helped me grow as a musician as well as a person. She relates her teaching to experiences in life that make it easier to understand the skills she's teaching you. Very patient and always supportive, Elizabeth is an amazing instructor.”
Audrey Trout, Rex Putnam High School
“Elizabeth has great energy and connects well with my 9 year old daughter, encouraging her to expand her musical interests while challenging her with pieces at her talent level. She is exceptional at supporting age-appropriate vocal techniques and strengthening exercises. She is a natural born teacher who loves what she does.”
Carl Pruett, Co-Director of Tutor Doctor, Portland
Music Note Talking BubbleAdults
“Elizabeth is a great teacher: incredibly knowledgeable about how the voice works, patient, funny, smart, and knows more than one way to explain what she wants me to do. She is always fully engaged with me and encourages my feedback on what she is telling me. I always feel better about my voice afterwards and know what to work on until my next lesson. She is also a wonderful performer, staying connected with the audience and the music. Can you tell I like Elizabeth a lot?”
Cheryl Bristah, Chorale singer
“I originally contacted Elizabeth for assistance with my voice. I am very soft spoken and due to having to regularly speak to a group, I needed to be able to project my voice. Elizabeth taught me that learning to project more commandingly is the same process as learning to sing. I now have a stronger voice and am continuing with singing lessons. I highly recommend Elizabeth and the process she teaches.”
Debby Deering, Partner with Moss Adams LLP
“I have happily taken weekly voice lessons with Elizabeth for 3 years. She pays close attention to correct vowels, timing and technique, but with good humor and plenty of fun. As a result my performances have greatly improved. I highly recommend her. Her own jazz performances are lively and delightful.”
Jon Jacklet, Jazz/Classical Singer
“Working with Elizabeth has been a joy. She is wonderfully supportive, instructive, and fun. I came to her to help me prepare for recording a CD. I had specific goals to improve my voice and she helped me achieve them all. Using the methods she has derived from Tom Blalock enabled me to gain new strength and depth to my voice in a relatively short time. I plan to go back to her soon to get to the next level.”
Paul Chasman, Singer/
“Elizabeth approaches singing from two fronts - both as a performer and as a teacher. She embodies the unique combination of being an incredible performer as well as having an impeccable ear. As a student, learning this technique from such a balanced perspective is a rare treat.”
Dan McMorris, Jazz/Classical singer
“Elizabeth guided me with kindness and support into unfolding parts of myself that I had unknowingly kept locked in my tight muscles in my throat. She is not only a teacher; she is a gifted healer for anyone who wants to discover their personal power through the power of their voice.”
Carla Nomaiia, Nomaiia Yoga Therapist
Music Note Talking BubblePerforming
“As a performer I love hearing the incredible ease that she has as she takes you on a journey with the sound of her voice, smooth transitions up and down the scales. Her voice is wonderful and the feeling and passion she gives each song makes you live each note she utters through your heart.”
Penny Walter, Puppeteer
“Elizabeth came to our community last night and we were all just thrilled with her performance! Her depth and range of voice is stunning. Her personality is so well suited for our group of elders – or ANY group for that matter. She charmed and delighted us. Can’t wait to get her back here!”
Mari Levesque, Activities Director - Russellville Park
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